Construction Project Management in Cyprus

Our Project Management team converts ideas into reality

At REInvest, we strive to deliver an exemplary outcome for any development or town planning project, managing the transformation process of any piece of real estate.
We take a concept or business objective and transform it into a technical brief; appoint designers, consultants and building contractors; and manage the project from start through to completion.

Title Deed Issuance

  • Execution of remediation works in accordance with terms and conditions of the planning and building permits.
  • Collaboration with project consultants (architect, engineer) and execution of relevant construction works for permit compliance.
  • Visits to Government Authorities, conducting relevant meetings for successfully issuing separate title deeds.

Project oversight (Client’s rep)

Coordination and supervision of resources for the successful implementation of projects, according to client quality specifications and requirements, on time and within budget.

Refurbishments and fitouts

Provide turnkey solutions for renovation projects according to the needs of our clients and physical characteristics of properties. We also offer tailored packages through 3rd party contractors and consultants which includes, amongst others, architectural, electromechanical and other services.

Relocation of operations

Implementing moving-out procedures and physical transferring of business enterprises from one property to another, including refurbishment / fit-out options and IT infrastructure repositioning, assuring minimum disruption of operations, data loss and communication.