Property Management in Cyprus

Quality tenants expect a calibre of service that can be challenging to manage

Serving upscale tenants and meeting their anticipated standards can be demanding. Our team of experienced professionals is here to adeptly manage these challenges, offering you an exceptional property management experience across various types of assets. You can be confident that your tenants will be treated with the highest level of care they deserve, and your property will consistently be upheld to the highest quality standards. Rely on us to handle everything, allowing you to have peace of mind and concentrate on your top priorities.

Document Remediation

Detailed review of existing documentation of properties (town planning permits, drawings, etc), collection of documents from relevant authorities and remediation actions for completing the property archive, minimising deficiencies and increasing transparency.

Risk Assessment

  • Carrying out and implementing immovable property insurance
  • Inspection of properties and documenting of physical characteristics
  • Performing relevant Health & Safety inspections to ensure security of property, and to prevent vandalism, arbitrary access or damage
  • Management of Sinking Fund relating to the property and addressing relevant remediation actions

Lease Management

General management of leased properties, including:

  • Rent collection
  • Rent arrear management
  • Monitoring and enforcing Lease Agreement Terms and Conditions
  • Investigation and remediation of complaints
  • Legal procedures for eviction processes

Management of third-party service providers

Servicing of leased properties as well as properties with an operational nature:

  • Administration of communal fees
  • Formation and execution of Management Committee obligations
  • Maintenance tasks through third-party service providers, either through communal fee or Sinking Fund management